Revolutionize Your Cooking with the Galanz Speedwave Microwave – Convection, Air Fry, and More!

Welcome to our product review blog, where we share our firsthand experiences with‌ the latest and ‍greatest products on the ‌market. ⁣Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the Galanz GLOMJB17S2ASWZ-10 30″ SpeedWave Over The Range Microwave Convection Sensor Technology, Air Fry Cooking, Stainless Steel,⁢ 1.7 Cu Ft.

When it comes to cooking appliances, we always ⁣look for innovation and convenience, and this microwave oven delivers on both​ fronts. As soon as we started using the Galanz SpeedWave, we were impressed by its true⁤ European convection oven ‌capabilities. The heated air circulates throughout the oven as food spins‌ 360⁣ degrees, ensuring faster and more even cooking. Say goodbye to those frustrating hot spots!

One feature that really stood out to us was the built-in humidity sensor.‌ This handy⁢ addition ​ensures that your food is never under or overcooked, ‌giving you perfectly cooked meals every time. The Galanz ⁤SpeedWave also includes TotalFry 360, an air fry technology that allows you to cook with little or no oil for healthier meal options. We were thrilled to find ‌that ‌an air fry kit is included, so we could enjoy crispy fries, baked potatoes, and more.

But it’s not just about cooking capabilities with the‍ Galanz SpeedWave. The stainless⁣ steel design makes it incredibly easy to clean and wipe down, and ⁢the glass turntable can be removed for convenient‌ hand or‍ dishwasher use. Plus, the powerful vent provides airflow to keep your‍ kitchen free of cooking odors and heat.

With multiple pre-set⁤ cooking functions, including defrost, popcorn, potato, beverage, roast, and more, ‌this⁢ microwave oven offers a range of options to suit any cooking need.‍ And with a spacious 1.7 cubic foot cooking capacity, you’ll have no problem heating up any ⁢meal. It even easily ⁤fits the included air fry kit, making it a versatile addition to any⁣ kitchen.

Overall, our​ experience with the Galanz GLOMJB17S2ASWZ-10 30″ ‍SpeedWave‍ Over The Range Microwave Convection Sensor Technology, Air Fry Cooking, Stainless Steel, 1.7 Cu Ft has been nothing short of impressive. ‌From its efficient cooking capabilities to its easy cleaning and convenient features, this microwave oven is a game-changer. Stay tuned for more in-depth⁣ details as⁤ we dive into the specifics of⁣ this incredible product.

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Overview of the Galanz GLOMJB17S2ASWZ-10 Microwave

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In‌ our , we are excited to share with you‍ the incredible features of this‌ innovative appliance. The Galanz 30″ SpeedWave Over The​ Range Microwave is not your ordinary ⁣microwave oven. With its true ⁣European convection oven and standard heating technology, it offers⁢ a cooking experience like no other. The heated air ‌circulates throughout the oven, eliminating hot spots and ensuring your food is cooked faster and‍ more evenly. Plus, the built-in humidity sensor guarantees that your meals are never undercooked or overcooked.

One of the standout features of this microwave is the TotalFry 360 Air Fry technology. With this advanced feature, you can ​enjoy deliciously crispy⁢ meals with little or no oil, making it an excellent option for ​those looking for healthier meal choices. The Galanz microwave also comes with an air fry kit, allowing⁣ you to easily prepare baked potatoes, crispy ⁢fries, and so much more. Cleaning this stainless steel microwave is a⁢ breeze. ‍The sleek design is not only visually appealing but also ⁤super easy to wipe ⁢down. The glass turntable can be easily removed and cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand. Additionally, the‍ powerful vent ensures that your kitchen⁤ remains free from cooking odors and heat, making your cooking experience even more enjoyable. Whether you’re defrosting, popping popcorn, cooking potatoes, or roasting, this microwave’s multiple pre-set cooking functions have got you covered. ‍With a large 1.7 cubic foot cooking capacity, this microwave is spacious enough to heat​ any meal and easily accommodates ​the included air fry kit. So why wait? Upgrade your kitchen⁤ today and experience the amazing ⁣features of the ​Galanz GLOMJB17S2ASWZ-10 Over The Range Microwave. Click​ here to ⁣get it now⁢ on Amazon.

Highlighting the Key Features and Aspects

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The Galanz 30″ Speedwave Over The Range Microwave Oven offers a multitude of key features and aspects that‌ make it a top choice for any kitchen. ⁤One of its standout features is the ‍True European Convection Oven with Standard Heating Technology. This means that the heated air‍ circulates throughout the oven as​ food spins ⁣360 degrees, ensuring faster and more even cooking. Say goodbye to hot spots ⁤and ‍hello to perfectly cooked⁣ meals every time!

We also love the Totalfry 360 Air Fry Technology that comes with the Galanz microwave. With ⁣this feature,‍ you can cook your favorite dishes with little or no oil, resulting in healthier meal options. And don’t worry about having to ⁣figure it out on your own – the microwave ⁣includes an Air​ Fry Kit ⁤that makes the cooking process a breeze. From baked potatoes to crispy fries, you’ll be amazed at the delicious results.

Cleaning up after ​cooking is a breeze with the Galanz microwave. Its stainless steel design not only adds a sleek look to your kitchen,⁤ but it also makes the microwave super easy to clean and wipe down. The glass turntable can be easily ‍removed for cleaning in the ⁤dishwasher or by hand. Plus, ⁢with the powerful vent that provides airflow to keep your kitchen free of cooking odors and heat, you’ll be able to cook without any worries.

In terms​ of functionality, this microwave has it all. It ‍includes multiple pre-set cooking functions, such as defrost, popcorn, potato, beverage, and roast, making it easy to cook a variety of meals with just the touch of a button. And with ⁤a spacious 1.7 cubic⁣ foot cooking capacity, you’ll have more than enough room to heat up any meal. The microwave even comes with an included air ⁣fry kit that fits perfectly, providing even more cooking⁣ possibilities.

If‍ you’re in the market for a versatile and efficient microwave, the Galanz 30″⁤ Speedwave ​Over The Range Microwave Oven⁢ is ⁣the perfect choice. Its true convection with sensor technology ‌ensures perfectly cooked meals, while ⁣the air fry technology adds a healthy twist. With its easy-to-clean stainless steel design and​ multiple cooking functions, this microwave is a must-have for any kitchen. Don’t ​miss out on this amazing product‍ –⁣ check it out on Amazon today!

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In-depth Insights and Recommendations for the Galanz‍ Microwave

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When it comes to microwave ⁣ovens, the Galanz GLOMJB17S2ASWZ-10 30″ ⁢SpeedWave Over The Range Microwave stands out from the competition. This true European‌ convection oven utilizes‍ standard heating technology alongside a built-in humidity ⁣sensor to ensure your food is always⁢ cooked to ​perfection. No more worrying‌ about undercooked or overcooked meals!

One of ⁣the standout features of the⁣ Galanz SpeedWave Microwave is its‌ innovative TotalFry 360 ​technology. This air fry technology​ allows you to cook⁤ your ⁤favorite ⁣dishes with little to no oil, making it a healthier ‍alternative to traditional frying methods. Plus, the included Air Fry Kit expands your cooking options, ⁣allowing you to enjoy delicious baked potatoes, crispy‌ fries, ‍and more!

In addition⁣ to ⁤its advanced cooking capabilities, the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave is ​also incredibly easy to clean. The stainless steel design not only gives it a sleek and modern look, but it also makes ‌cleaning ​a ​breeze. Simply wipe down the exterior​ with ‍a damp cloth,⁤ and the removable glass turntable can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or by⁤ hand.

Furthermore, this microwave goes above⁢ and beyond with its powerful vent. It effectively removes cooking odors and heat from your kitchen, ensuring a comfortable cooking experience. With multiple pre-set cooking functions, such‌ as defrost, popcorn, potato, and‍ roast, you’ll have no trouble preparing a variety of‍ meals.

With a spacious 1.7 cubic foot capacity, this microwave can handle‍ any dish you throw its way. Whether⁣ you’re reheating leftovers or ⁢heating up a family-sized meal, this microwave has you covered. It even includes the convenient air fry kit, making it a versatile and indispensable appliance in ⁢the kitchen.

If you’re looking for a microwave that offers advanced cooking technology, easy cleaning, and a spacious capacity, then the Galanz 30″ SpeedWave ‌Over The Range ⁤Microwave is the perfect‌ choice for you. Don’t⁢ miss ‍out ⁣on⁢ this exceptional appliance and get yours today from to elevate your cooking experience!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have⁢ gathered a range of customer reviews for the Galanz GLOMJB17S2ASWZ-10 ‌30″ SpeedWave Over The Range Microwave Convection Sensor Technology, Air Fry Cooking, Stainless Steel, 1.7 Cu Ft to provide you with an overview of what people are saying about this product. Let’s dive into the feedback​ and evaluate the overall customer experience.

Positive Reviews


⁢ My RV microwave quit working and my son’s were able to replace it⁣ with this one. It works good. The convection oven⁢ is very good. I’m‌ not impressed with the air fryer because it only has preset functions that can’t be deviated from. The steamer works good and the microwave is just that, a microwave. I’m satisfied with it.

The good- It works ​well. Much better than I expected for ⁣the price. It ⁣is quieter than our old one. ⁤Surprisingly so. The display is large and clear. Using it is intuitive. I have⁢ yet to have to resort to instructions.

‌ If you are on somewhat of a tight budget like I am, ⁢a home remodel may be tricky. I keep looking around for good deals, and came across⁢ this ‍microwave. Although it may not be⁢ a famous brand name that you’ve ever heard of, ⁢it is a very high quality microwave. What⁤ first attracted me was how⁢ great it looked. Still looks⁣ very modern and nice.⁣ After opening it ⁤up​ and checking it out, I must say I am ⁢not disappointed. It’s a great quality microwave where you are saving a ⁣pretty substantial amount of money.

Negative Reviews


‌ Read the reviews for this Microwave/Convection/air Fry combination oven​ and disregarded​ them. I should have ​listened. This unit was even worse than the reviews stated. We tried out all of the cooking options and were not satisfied or impressed ⁣with ANYTHING about this oven. It took twice ⁢as long to heat up anything (preheat said it ​was up to temperature after 30 minutes of preheating, but it must have⁢ been referring to the outside ⁤oven temp, because the inside was barely warm) in the microwave, convection ‌preheat never achieved or even came close to getting to temperature and the air fry mode barely got‍ warm. None of the food that we prepared even looked appetizing, it looked not even half done and there wasn’t even a hint of browning. However, the outside of the unit got hot, but hardly anything inside got hot (I vented it outside, instead of recirculating). It was noisy and​ sounded like ⁢it was going to come apart. The turntable only ran about half the time. The unit was packaged⁢ very‌ well, and⁢ their wasn’t any outward appearance that ‌the unit had been damaged. ​It ‍just plain didn’t work. We replaced it with a Kitchenaid microwave/convection oven and it’s working ​perfectly and vents outside perfectly. Food looks appetizing⁤ and brown. The Kitchenaid preheats in less than 15 ‍minutes‌ and cooks quick. This Galanz just made me do a look of work and re-work. Ended up‍ costing ⁢me a lot more money, because I had to ​install 2 different ovens. The money would have ‍been better spent going with a ‍better rated oven to begin with. Don’t be like me and ignore the reviews, or you’ll be disappointed as well.

The bad – It arrived damaged. The chromed metal cladding on ​the plastic door became dented ⁤either during shipping or manufacture. It binds when the⁣ door closes making a loud noise and deforming⁣ it more. Since I was unable to ‌return it for logistical reasons I decided to⁤ keep it as ⁣is but I will have to look at that for the life of‌ the unit.

I’ve had⁤ this not 2 years and inside of a ‍year the handle broke off. It’s been repaired, and repaired. It is supposed ‌to have a convection⁢ oven and the temperature maximum of 450F but after ⁢trying for ninety (90) minutes it only gets to 300F. They promise a lot and they don’t deliver. I have never ‍written a review, but since I read and depend on‌ everyone else’s, it’s time to do my ‌part. I gave it 2 stars since it did function, just not to specs.

1st unit: Arrived with a big hole in the side of the box. Looking inside the hole I saw a big dent in the side of the⁤ unit. ⁤I⁣ returned it the same day w/o even opening it. ‍No ‍big deal, this was expected as I saw where a majority of the negative reviews were from people who said it‍ arrived damaged. The positive reviews were from those ‍who received a good one, so I was optimistic and ⁣ordered a replacement.

‍2nd unit: Removed from the box and began my bench testing ‍(strongly recommended⁢ as the other negative reviews were from those who just installed ‍it⁣ and it didn’t work properly). It is pretty easy as ⁢it comes with a 3-prong electrical plug. I tested ⁤the Convection and Roasting functions since this is why I wanted the unit (along with the air⁢ fryer and⁤ steamer). I would never use the microwave as it destroys the nutrition of all food. After setting it ⁣at 400 degrees F for both the convection and roasting function it never got hotter than‌ 280 degrees after 60 minutes. Called the⁤ Galanz tech support line and they said ‌it appears the heating⁢ unit wasn’t working properly and to return to ⁣Amazon for a replacement. (Tech support was great ⁤BTW, easy ‍to​ reach​ and helpful) Still‍ hopeful, I wanted this‍ unit to work since it does so much, more importantly, my wife really wanted​ it, so on to round three:

‌ 3rd Unit: This bench test produced the following after setting it at 450 degrees F:

⁢ “Roast” Function

⁣ 20 minutes – 350 degrees

40 minutes – 375 degrees

60 minutes – ran out of time, no data

⁢ ⁢ ⁤”Convection” Function (also ⁢set at 450 degrees)

At the end of⁤ “Preheat” (approx. 12 minutes) – 235 degrees

It ⁤then‌ asks you to set a cook time (I did 60 minutes) put​ your food in and press start.

5 minutes later the unit stopped and wanted me to “close the​ door” and press start (door ⁤was already closed), so I opened the‍ door, closed it, pressed start and it continued through the rest of the test w/o stopping. I had this issue with ⁣the “Roast” function test also where I would come back and it ⁤was stopped.⁢ It requested me​ to “close the door”. I would press on​ the closed door and it would start up again like the internal⁢ contact switch was not calibrated/working properly.

​ ⁣ 20 min. later⁣ – 375 degrees

⁢ 40 min. – 385 degrees

60 min. – just‍ shy ⁢of 400 degrees

FYI, I did calibrate my oven thermometer on my small convection toaster oven and it accurately ​read 450 degrees F.

‌ I have given up and ​returned ‍this unit also. If you are O.K. being 70-100 degrees cooler in your cooking this may work for you​ (note how long it takes to get there though). This could cause cakes to fall and other recipe problems so for this price my wife wanted it to be accurate. This fits the old adage, “.​ . . able to do a lot of things, ⁣but none of them well”. I ⁣went through ⁣3 ⁣units. Who knows, ⁢you could be lucky and get one⁢ that works. BE ‌SURE TO BENCH TEST‍ BEFORE INSTALLATION. This will save you a lot of angst. 🙂

⁢ Todos los botones funcionaban… Simplemente NO CALENTABA NADA!!!!!!⁣ Lo devolví porque‌ no calentaba ​nada, Me hicieron un reembolso de $322 ⁤pesos cuando cobraron casi 9 Mil pesos por costo del producto mas envío y mas importación… Tuve que llamar a Amazon USA para que desde​ ahí ellos ayudaran a resolver el caso, que‌ ahí no se ha ​resuelto… ¿Quieres comprar de este vendedor???? Mi consejo es que busques otro!!!!!!

Overall Conclusion

After⁢ analyzing the customer reviews,‍ we⁢ can see that opinions about the Galanz‍ SpeedWave Over The Range Microwave Convection Sensor Technology, Air Fry Cooking, Stainless Steel, 1.7 Cu Ft are mixed. Some customers found⁢ this⁤ microwave ⁢to be satisfactory, especially considering the ⁤price, commenting on‌ its ⁣good performance, ⁢intuitive usage, and modern design. However, several negative reviews ‌highlight issues with temperature Inconsistencies, poor cooking ‍performance, and the presence of dents or damage upon⁤ delivery. These negative reviews indicate that the microwave did not meet their expectations and caused inconvenience, leading to the need for replacements or repairs. Overall, it ‍appears that the Galanz SpeedWave has both satisfied and dissatisfied ⁣customers, and ​potential buyers should consider these ​mixed reviews before ‍making a purchasing decision.

Pros⁣ & Cons

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Pros & Cons

When ⁢it ​comes to the Galanz Speedwave Microwave,‍ there are⁢ plenty of features to love and a few potential drawbacks ⁢to consider. Here’s a breakdown of ⁢the pros and cons of this innovative kitchen appliance:


True Convection with Sensor Technology
Air Fry Technology (TotalFry 360)
Large 1.7 cubic foot cooking capacity
Included Air Fry Kit
Multiple pre-set cooking functions
Easy to clean stainless steel design
Powerful vent for odor and heat‍ control

Let’s dive into each of these pros in more detail:

  • True Convection with Sensor Technology: The ⁢Galanz Speedwave ‍Microwave utilizes advanced convection technology to ensure your food cooks evenly ‌and quickly. With the food spinning 360 degrees and heated air circulating ⁣throughout the oven, there are no more hot ⁣spots. The built-in humidity sensor guarantees that your food‍ is never under or overcooked.
  • Air Fry Technology (TotalFry 360): Enjoy healthier ⁣meal options with the Air​ Fry technology. ‍The included Air Fry kit allows you to cook with little or no oil, making crispy fries, baked ⁣potatoes, and more guilt-free delights.
  • Large 1.7 cubic foot cooking capacity: With a spacious cooking capacity, this microwave is perfect for heating any meal. Whether you’re warming up leftovers or preparing a family-sized ‍dish, there’s ‍plenty of room for⁢ it all.
  • Included Air Fry Kit: The Galanz Speedwave Microwave comes with an Air Fry ‍kit, providing all⁢ the necessary tools for air frying.‍ Say goodbye to greasy ⁤fryers and hello to healthier cooking options.
  • Multiple pre-set‌ cooking functions: Simplify your cooking experience with the microwave’s multiple pre-set⁤ cooking functions. From defrosting to making popcorn, potatoes, beverages, and even roasting, you have a variety of options⁢ at your fingertips.
  • Easy to clean stainless steel design: Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze with the stainless steel⁣ design. Simply wipe it down with ease. Additionally, the glass turntable can be removed and cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.
  • Powerful⁤ vent for odor and heat control: The microwave’s powerful vent ensures efficient ‍airflow, keeping your kitchen ⁢free from lingering cooking odors and excess⁢ heat.


Noisy operation
Relatively large size
Complex settings and controls

Now, let’s look at the potential downsides of the Galanz Speedwave Microwave:

  • Noisy operation: Some users have reported that the microwave can be a bit noisy ⁣during operation. If noise⁢ is a concern, you may want to consider this before making a purchase.
  • Relatively large size: While the 1.7 cubic foot cooking capacity is advantageous for cooking larger meals, it’s important to note that this⁢ microwave may require more counter space ​or a larger installation area.
  • Complex settings and controls: The multitude of pre-set cooking functions and advanced features may be overwhelming for some ‍users. It ‌might take some time ‌to fully understand and utilize ⁣all the settings.

Despite⁤ these minor drawbacks,‍ the Galanz Speedwave Microwave offers an array of innovative features that revolutionize the way you cook. From convection technology to air frying capabilities‍ and easy cleaning, this microwave is an excellent addition to any kitchen.


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Q: How does the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave revolutionize cooking?

A: The Galanz SpeedWave Microwave Oven revolutionizes cooking with its advanced features ​and technology. With its true European convection oven capabilities, it ensures that your food is cooked faster and more evenly by circulating heated air throughout the oven as your food spins⁣ 360 degrees.⁤ Say goodbye to hot spots and hello to perfectly‌ cooked meals​ every⁣ time!

Q: Does the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave have an ‍air fry feature?

A: Absolutely! The Galanz SpeedWave Microwave comes​ with TotalFry 360, our ‌innovative air fry technology that ⁢allows you to cook with little or no oil. ‌Plus, the microwave includes an​ air fry kit for your convenience. You can now enjoy deliciously crispy fries, baked potatoes, and ​so much more, ⁤all while maintaining a ‌healthier lifestyle.

Q: Is ‍the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave easy to clean?

A: Yes, indeed! The‌ stainless steel design of the microwave makes it super easy to clean and wipe down. The glass turntable can also be removed ⁣for hand or dishwasher use, ensuring that cleaning up after your cooking​ adventures is a breeze.

Q: How does the ⁤Galanz SpeedWave Microwave handle cooking odors and heat?

A: The⁢ Galanz SpeedWave Microwave comes equipped⁤ with a powerful vent that provides airflow to keep your ⁤kitchen free from cooking odors and heat. You can now say goodbye to lingering ‍smells and keep your kitchen comfortable while you cook.

Q: What cooking functions does the Galanz SpeedWave‌ Microwave offer?

A: This microwave offers various pre-set cooking functions including⁢ defrost, popcorn, potato, beverage, roast, and ‍so ⁣much more! With these options, you can ⁤easily prepare a wide range of delicious meals and snacks with just a touch of​ a button.

Q: How spacious is the cooking capacity of the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave?

A: The Galanz SpeedWave Microwave boasts⁢ a ‌generous 1.7 cubic foot cooking capacity, making it spacious ⁤enough to heat any meal you desire. It even​ comes with an‍ included air fry kit that‌ fits perfectly inside.

In conclusion, the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave is a game-changer in the kitchen.⁢ With its true convection and air fry ‌technology, easy cleaning ‍features, powerful vent, and a large cooking capacity, it offers everything you need for⁢ a⁢ seamless and delicious cooking experience. Say hello to faster, healthier, and more ​enjoyable meals with the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave!

Embrace a New Era

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In conclusion, if you’re ready to revolutionize your cooking⁤ experience, then the Galanz SpeedWave Over The Range Microwave is the perfect addition to your kitchen. With its innovative European Convection Oven and standard heating technology, you can say goodbye to hot spots and hello to evenly cooked meals. The built-in humidity sensor ensures that your food is ⁤never under or overcooked, while the⁣ TotalFry 360 Air Fry technology allows you ​to⁣ cook with little or no oil for healthier meal options.

Not only is this microwave easy to clean ⁤with its stainless steel design and removable glass turntable, but it also includes a ⁣powerful ⁤vent to⁣ keep your kitchen free of cooking odors and⁢ heat. With multiple‍ pre-set cooking functions and a spacious 1.7 ⁣cubic foot capacity, this microwave can handle any meal you ⁣throw its way. Plus, it comes with an air⁤ fry kit for added versatility.

If you’re‌ as excited as we are about this incredible Galanz⁢ microwave, then click ⁤here[INSERTHYPERLINK:[INSERTHYPERLINK:]to get your own and start enjoying all the amazing features it has to offer. It’s time to take your cooking to the next level with the Galanz SpeedWave Microwave – Convection, Air Fry, and more!

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