Review: Etekcity Food Scale with Detachable Bowl – Accurate & Convenient Kitchen Tool

Are​ you tired of inaccurate measurements in the kitchen that ruin your⁤ recipes? Look ​no further than the Etekcity​ Food⁢ Scale! This digital kitchen scale is a game-changer ⁤when it comes to ‍precision and convenience. With a weight⁤ capacity of 11 ⁣pounds and a compact design, this scale is perfect for all your cooking, baking, and coffee brewing needs. The detachable bowl ⁢makes mixing ingredients‌ a breeze, and ​the large LCD display ensures you can ‍easily read your measurements. Say goodbye to guesswork and ⁢hello to ⁢accurate results with the Etekcity Food ‍Scale!

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Overview ‌

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The⁢ Etekcity Food Scale is simply accurate, with a weight capacity of 11 pounds and dual increments to meet all your personal and commercial needs. The compact and lightweight design is ‌perfect for various settings like homes, kitchens, offices,‌ and‌ more. The digital LCD display clearly shows measurement⁣ results in different units ⁣such as grams, pounds, ounces,⁤ and milliliters.

We love the removable bowl design ⁤of this⁤ digital scale,‍ perfect for measuring​ mixed⁤ ingredients‌ and tare measurements. The bowl‍ can⁤ also be flipped upside down and used as a protective ⁢case when not ⁤in use, making storage a breeze. With‌ auto-zero, tare functions, and automatic shut-off after 2 minutes of inactivity, this scale offers maximum convenience and energy efficiency.‌ Don’t wait, ‌get your own Etekcity Food Scale here!

Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to accurately measuring your ingredients, ​this Etekcity food scale is a game changer. With a⁤ weight capacity of 11 pounds and dual ⁣increments, this digital kitchen scale⁢ provides the precision you need ‌for ‍both⁢ personal⁣ and⁤ commercial‍ use. The large LCD display ‍clearly shows measurement results in grams,​ pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, and⁤ milliliters, making ⁤it easy to⁤ read at a glance.‍ The removable bowl design allows for easy measuring of mixed ingredients​ and tare measurements, while also serving as a protective‍ case when not in use.

Save time and ⁢energy with the automatic convenience ⁤features of this ‌scale. The auto-zero ‍and tare functions ensure accurate measurements, whether you’re weighing items individually or in containers. Plus, the scale’s ​auto-off function helps prolong battery ⁢life by triggering after 2 minutes ​of inactivity. With low battery and overload indicators, you’ll ‌always‍ be informed and prepared. Simplify your life with this versatile and efficient digital kitchen scale.⁣ Don’t⁣ miss‌ out on upgrading ​your cooking experience, check it out on our⁣ website now! Check it out here!

In-depth Analysis and ‍Usage Tips

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Upon​ using the Etekcity digital kitchen scale, we were impressed by its​ accuracy and precision, meeting both⁤ personal and commercial needs with its 11lb‌ capacity and dual measurement increments.‍ The lightweight and‌ compact design⁢ make it ⁤versatile for various settings such as​ homes,‍ kitchens, offices,‍ and mailrooms. The large LCD display clearly⁤ shows measurement results ‍in grams, pounds: ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters, providing instant feedback when weighing ingredients. We ‌found the⁤ removable bowl design to be a convenient feature, allowing for easy mixing ‍of ingredients ‍and tare measurements. When⁤ not in use, the bowl can be flipped ​upside down and placed over the scale⁤ unit to serve as a‌ protective case, saving storage ⁣space.

We‌ appreciated the automatic ⁤convenience offered by the Etekcity digital kitchen scale, with features like⁢ auto-zero, ‍tare ⁤functions, and auto-off after 2 minutes of ⁣inactivity.⁣ These functions⁣ not only ensure accuracy when weighing items‌ individually or in containers, but also help ⁤prolong the⁢ battery life. The scale also notifies‍ users of low battery and overload, making it user-friendly and efficient. With practical⁣ usage dimensions and a detachable bowl that doubles as ⁣a ‍protective cover, ‍the⁣ Etekcity digital kitchen scale ⁤is a versatile and reliable ‍tool for a wide range of‍ measuring‌ needs. ‌For those looking for a ‍precise ‍and easy-to-use kitchen‍ scale, we highly recommend checking out the Etekcity ‍Food Scale on Amazon.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

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In conclusion, ⁤the Etekcity Food Scale offers a simple yet accurate way to measure ingredients for ‍all your cooking and baking needs. The ⁣detachable bowl design ‌is not only convenient for mixing⁢ ingredients but ‍also serves as ⁢a protective‌ cover for easy storage. ​The automatic functions make it user-friendly,⁣ while ‌the large LCD display ensures clear and easy-to-read results. With its high precision and multiple unit options, this digital kitchen scale is ​versatile and suitable for various measuring needs.

Overall, we highly recommend ‌the Etekcity Food Scale for its⁢ practical design, accurate measurements, ⁢and convenient features. Whether you’re a home cook, a professional chef, or someone who simply enjoys baking, this scale is a handy tool to ⁣have in your‍ kitchen.‌ Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ‌simplify your cooking experience and get precise measurements every time⁢ with the⁤ Etekcity Food Scale. Check it out on Amazon⁤ and elevate ​your ​culinary game today!⁣ Click here⁢ to get yours now!

Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing various ⁢customer reviews, ‌we have gathered the following ⁣insights about⁢ the​ Etekcity Food Scale with Detachable Bowl:

Positive Reviews:

i was‌ just washing down my scale and realized that i’ve⁢ had‌ it for a while now,⁢ three years, and never written ‌a⁢ review- this scale is accurate and very easy ⁢to ‌use. i⁤ can flip through the different measurements ‌(grams/Kilos/ounces/pounds) easily. i use this feature​ to ⁢convert my recipes into grams (i know, but it’s so easy ‌and more accurate).It ⁢wipes ⁢down easily⁢ and i even give it ‌a ⁣spray with a kitchen cleaner. i am not easy on ​things,​ and this scale ​keeps on ‌going. I only have two small complaints. The tare button ‍occasionally, but rarely, sticks and something is on tray that⁢ looks like maybe ⁢a plastic drip or something. it’s ⁤clear, but hard like the ⁣rest of the ‌it. But, neither of them have ever hindered me⁣ one bit.dont hesitate to purchase, this has been a great‌ kitchen tool and ‍still under​ $20!
Works great! What​ kitchen doesn’t need an easy to⁤ use scale? Nice features, ⁢easy to read, easy to use. Seems really⁤ accurate.
It is amazing​ how⁣ inexpensive ⁢and good (accurate,⁣ nice lit display, several weight units) scales became.‌ I am sure that there ​are others in ⁢the $15-$20 range that would rate similar, but I bought this⁣ one, like⁣ the⁢ size, functionality⁤ and the fitted ‍bowl ‌is a nice addon that helps⁣ keeping the scale clean.I would buy it again​ in a‌ heart beat.
This is a ⁤great‍ little scale ​that is ‌very easy to use. The⁤ price is reasonable and it‍ looks ⁤good sitting on the kitchen counter. ​I really like the auto tare‌ function which⁢ allows you ‌to use ​either the included bowl or one of my own. Place the bowl on the scale, turn it ‍on and it​ will automatically ‌adjust itself to zero. It would recommend this scale to anyone who is ‌looking for portion control.

Negative Reviews:

I find it ⁢frustrating that ‍the shape of the scale is round. I purchase this round ‍model because I liked the‌ idea of having a dedicated bowl for the measuring process. I also liked the idea that the extra bowl wouldn’t ⁢take ⁣up additional⁣ space, because I could store the scale inside the bowl, saving me ⁢storage space. I didn’t think the round shape would be a big deal, but⁤ I’m in a wheelchair (and need to keep items within easy reach). Because of this, my options of where I⁤ can‌ store the scale⁣ are limited. The only place I⁣ have to store the scale,⁢ is standing up on its edge, on⁣ a ⁣shelf of a kitchen cabinet. ​Due to the​ fact that ⁢it’s round, I end up leaning it against ‌the side of the cabinet, to keep ⁣it from rolling. In‌ practice, I am often standing the scale⁤ back⁣ on its edge ​after it’s tipped over. I also found that needing to store it ⁤in ‌this position, made it impossible to store the ​scale, together with the bowl, to save some space.

Overall, the ​Etekcity ⁢Food Scale with Detachable Bowl has received⁤ positive feedback from⁤ customers⁢ for its accuracy, ⁢ease of‌ use, and convenient features.​ While some customers have raised concerns about the shape of the scale and minor technical issues, the ​majority of reviews ⁤highlight the scale’s reliability and performance in the‌ kitchen.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Accurate and versatile:⁤ With a ‌weight ‌capacity of⁣ 11 pounds⁢ and ⁢dual increments, this scale ⁣is ‍perfect for a variety of uses.
  2. Removable bowl ⁤design: The detachable⁢ bowl makes it easy⁢ to measure⁢ mixed‍ ingredients ⁣and⁤ simplifies storage.
  3. Automatic functions: The auto-zero, tare, and⁤ auto-off ⁤functions save time and energy.
  4. Various ⁤unit options: Switch between different units of measurement ⁤to suit ​your needs.
  5. Large back-lit display: The digital LCD display offers clear and easy-to-read results.


Issue Explanation
Single bowl included Only ⁤comes with ​one detachable bowl, which⁣ may be inconvenient for some⁢ users.
No color options Comes in stainless steel⁢ finish only, limited customization‍ options.


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Q: Is ⁢the Etekcity Food Scale easy to use?
A: Yes, the ‌Etekcity Food Scale is extremely easy to use. It has a large LCD display that clearly shows measurement⁤ results in various⁤ units. The‌ scale ⁢also has ​automatic⁣ functions ⁣such as ‍auto-zero, tare, and auto-off, making it convenient and hassle-free to use.

Q: How accurate is ⁢the Etekcity‌ Food Scale?
A: The Etekcity Food Scale is very accurate, with a⁢ weight capacity⁣ of 11 pounds and dual ‌increments ​for ‍precise measurements. The scale also has sensors⁤ that offer instant readings and reliable measurements for a wide range of items.

Q: Can​ I use‍ the Etekcity Food ⁢Scale​ for measuring liquids?
A: Yes, the Etekcity Food Scale can measure liquids in various units such as ml and fl’ oz. It also has a removable ⁤bowl that is great for measuring mixed ingredients and tare measurements.

Q:‍ How big is ‍the Etekcity Food Scale?
A: The Etekcity Food⁢ Scale has a compact and lightweight⁢ design, with usage dimensions‌ of ‌8.4 x 6.7‍ x 1.3 inches. ‍The removable bowl/storage dimensions are 8.9 x ⁤7.1 ⁢x 1.7 inches, making‌ it easy to store⁢ without taking ⁣up too much space.

Q: Does the Etekcity ​Food Scale come with batteries?
A: Yes, the ⁢Etekcity ⁤Food Scale ‍comes​ with 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries pre-installed, so you can⁣ start using it right out ⁤of the box.

Q: Can‌ I ‍weigh small ​items accurately with the Etekcity Food Scale?
A: Yes, the ‌Etekcity Food Scale has a minimum measurement of 1g‍ and​ offers unique ⁤dual‍ increments for items weighing⁤ less than 1000g. It is perfect for measuring small items such as coffee, postage, ‍jewelry, and more.

Embrace a⁢ New‍ Era

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In conclusion, the Etekcity Food Scale with Detachable Bowl ⁢is a versatile and practical kitchen tool that is sure to ‌make ​your cooking and ‍baking easier and more precise. With its accurate measurements, ‌convenient removable bowl design, and⁤ energy-saving features, this digital kitchen scale is a must-have for any home or‌ commercial kitchen.⁢

If you’re ready to take your culinary⁣ skills to the next⁣ level, click here ‍to​ purchase ⁤the Etekcity Food Scale with‍ Detachable Bowl on Amazon: Buy Now.

Happy cooking!

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