Claw Pick Up Tool Review: AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake for Easy Drain Cleaning

If you’ve ‍ever found yourself in‍ a sticky situation with a ⁤clogged drain, then you understand the ‍importance of having the⁢ right tools on ‌hand to ⁢tackle the job. That’s where the AUSAYE 79 Inch Sink Snake comes in. With its grabberable claw pick up tool featuring 4 claws,⁢ this plumbing snake is designed to effortlessly remove hair and debris from ⁣sinks, tubes, sewers, and drains. We recently‍ put this handy ​tool to⁣ the ‍test, and we’re excited to share ⁢our first-hand experience with you. ‌Join⁣ us as we dive into the features ⁤and performance of the AUSAYE 79⁢ Inch Sink Snake‍ and see if it ‌lives up to its ⁣promise of being a reliable drain clog remover and⁢ hair remover.

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Experience​ the ultimate convenience with the⁤ 79-inch Sink Snake from AUSAYE. This innovative plumbing tool is designed to tackle drain clogs and ⁢hard-to-reach places with ease. ‌The extendable, retractable grabber arm rod features four claws ‌to ensure ⁤maximum⁤ mechanical control. The flexible‍ and bendable spring loaded cable allows‌ you to access narrow, bended areas,⁤ corners, and channels effortlessly. With a comfortable grip handle ‍and heavy-duty steel spring, this ‍tool is perfect for​ retrieving ⁢small objects‍ that magnets cannot grab.

Whether you‌ need‌ to clean kitchen ⁤sinks, bathroom⁣ drains, ⁢or utility⁣ sinks, this versatile tool is ⁤a must-have⁢ for⁣ every‌ household. Say goodbye‍ to slow or clogged drains with ⁣the AUSAYE Sink Snake. The stainless steel spring is durable and can ‍be⁣ bent into ‌various shapes to reach small strainers or pipes for effective cleaning.⁣ Don’t let hard-to-reach areas be a challenge anymore – grab your AUSAYE Sink Snake today ⁣and make‍ drain cleaning a breeze!

Exceptional Features of the ⁢AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake

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The AUSAYE ⁣79Inch Sink Snake truly stands out due ‌to its exceptional features. ​The extendable and retractable⁣ narrow telescopic grabber ‌arm rod allows for easy access to hard-to-reach ⁣corners,‍ areas, ⁤angles, and channels. The flexible and bendable wound-steel spring loaded cable, with retractable ‍claws ⁣at the bottom, ⁣ensures maximum ‌mechanical control and easy retrieval of small ⁣objects ‌that magnets cannot pick ⁣up. This versatile tool is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, utility sinks, bathtubs, and shower drains, making it ​the​ perfect plumbing tool to resolve slow or clogged​ drains.

Crafted from stainless ⁢steel, the‌ 79-inch spring design⁤ drain⁢ clog remover tool is durable ⁢and flexible, allowing it to be ​bent into various shapes⁣ for efficient cleaning action. The heavy-duty spring is ⁤wrapped in plastic for ​easy cleaning ⁣after use, while the easy grip handle on top provides⁤ comfort⁤ during use. Whether you need to retrieve lost items under appliances, furniture,‌ or ​in hard-to-reach places like dryer⁣ vents,⁢ this grabber tool is a‌ handy solution⁢ for all your needs. Don’t miss out on the convenience and ​effectiveness of the AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake – click here to grab yours now! Order ⁣now.

In-Depth Insights ⁢on⁤ Performance and User Experience

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After testing out the AUSAYE 79Inch Sink‌ Snake, we⁢ were impressed by its performance ‍and user experience. ⁤The extendable ‍and retractable narrow telescopic grabber⁤ arm ⁤rod, along with the four claws, made it easy to pick up debris and unclog drains in⁤ hard-to-reach places. The flexible and ⁤bendable design of ​the tool allowed for maximum mechanical control, ⁣making it versatile for various tasks around the‍ house.

The stainless steel spring and durable construction ​of the tool ensured that it could ⁣withstand tough clogs and regular use. We found it to be ⁤a handy tool for ⁤kitchen, bathroom, and⁣ utility‍ sink ‍drain cleaning, as ‌well⁢ as retrieving⁢ lost ⁢items in tight spaces. Overall,⁣ the AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake proved to be a reliable and ​effective ⁣plumbing tool for resolving slow or clogged drains. If you’re⁤ looking for a quality drain clog remover, we highly recommend checking out this ⁢product.

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Recommendations for Optimal Use and ⁤Maintenance

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When using our innovative sink snake, it’s important to follow some to‍ ensure its longevity and effectiveness. Here are some tips to consider:

  • After⁤ each ​use,​ make sure to clean the tool thoroughly to⁣ remove any debris or buildup that may have accumulated.
  • Store ‍the sink snake in a dry and safe place ⁣to prevent any damage or corrosion,⁢ ensuring it’s⁤ ready for⁤ the next use.
  • Be mindful​ of the extendable and retractable ⁤features of⁢ the ​tool, using them appropriately to reach tight and hard-to-reach spaces without straining the device.

Our ‍sink snake⁣ is designed for easy ‌handling and efficient drain cleaning. To maintain its⁢ effectiveness, always ensure that the retractable claws are⁤ working smoothly and that the steel ​spring remains‌ flexible⁤ for⁢ various cleaning actions. Remember, this ⁤tool is ideal for a range of applications, from kitchen sinks ‌to‍ shower drains, offering a convenient solution for clogged pipes and hard-to-reach areas.

Package Dimensions 11.5​ x 9.72 x 1.22 inches
Item Model Number K7225
Date First⁤ Available June ‍11, ⁢2020
Manufacturer AUSAYE

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ⁤analyzing the ‌customer ⁣reviews for the AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake, we found a recurring theme of mixed satisfaction with the product. While ⁢some users found it to be​ effective in⁢ clearing drains and retrieving items, others ⁢faced issues with the durability and functionality of⁢ the‌ tool.

Pros Cons
Effective in retrieving items from drains Difficult to operate ​for some users
Useful ⁣for​ various ⁣applications⁢ such as cleaning drains,‍ unclogging toilets, and retrieving lost items Issues⁢ with durability and ⁢design
Affordable price point Size limitations‌ for certain types of drains

Positive Reviews Highlights

  • Effective Retrieval: ‌ Many‌ users‌ commended ​the‌ AUSAYE Sink Snake for its ability ⁢to⁢ effectively ⁢retrieve ‌items from drains, ⁤including small stones, socks, and⁤ even plastic ‍caps causing ‌blockages.
  • Versatile Application: Customers found ⁣the ‍tool⁢ useful⁢ for a variety of applications, from cleaning drains and unclogging toilets ​to retrieving lost‍ items‍ in ⁢hard-to-reach places.
  • Affordable Price Point: The⁤ affordability of the⁤ product was ⁣highlighted as a⁣ positive aspect, making it a​ cost-effective solution for drain cleaning ⁤needs.

Negative ​Reviews Highlights

  • Difficult⁤ Operation: ⁤ Some users‌ experienced ‍difficulty operating ⁤the‍ grabber mechanism, ‍citing issues with the tightness ​of the spring and the pressure required to open the tongs.
  • Durability Concerns: Several customers raised concerns about the durability of the ⁤tool, noting issues with loose assembly,‍ crimped connections,⁢ and ⁤the overall build quality.
  • Size Limitations: A few users mentioned ‌that the claw part ​of the tool‌ was too big to fit in certain sink drains, limiting its usability in specific environments.

Overall, the​ AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake appears to be a functional and affordable solution for drain cleaning tasks,‍ with‌ potential limitations in terms of durability and size ⁤compatibility​ for ‌certain users. We⁢ recommend⁢ considering these​ factors when making a purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons: AUSAYE​ 79Inch Sink Snake


1. ⁢Extendable & retractable ‌grabber arm for hard-to-reach places
2. Flexible & bendable steel spring cable for easy maneuverability
3. Retractable claws for ‍easy retrieval of⁤ small objects
4. Ideal for ‌kitchen, bathroom, and utility sinks
5. Heavy-duty design for long-lasting durability


1. May not⁢ work as effectively on larger clogs
2. Can be difficult to clean after use
3. Claws may be too small for certain objects
4. ‌Limited reach due to 79-inch length
5. May require multiple attempts for ‍stubborn clogs

Overall, the AUSAYE 79Inch ⁢Sink Snake is a handy tool for easy drain cleaning in hard-to-reach places, but it may have limitations when ​dealing with larger clogs or certain objects.


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Q: Can ​this ‍claw pick up tool be used⁢ to remove hair ‌clogs from drains?
A: Yes, the AUSAYE 79Inch​ Sink Snake is ideal for removing hair clogs from drains in sinks, tubs, ​and showers. ⁣The ‍claw pick up tool is​ designed to easily retrieve hair⁣ and other debris that may be ‌causing a blockage.

Q: How long is the telescopic grabber arm rod on​ this ‌tool?
A: The extendable and retractable narrow⁤ telescopic grabber arm rod ⁤on the AUSAYE Sink Snake measures ⁤79 inches long, making it easy to ⁢reach into hard-to-access areas ⁣and retrieve small objects.

Q: Is this ​plumbing snake tool‌ easy to clean after use?
A: Yes,‍ the ⁢heavy-duty spring on the AUSAYE Sink Snake is wrapped in plastic, making it easy‌ to ‌clean after each use. Simply wipe down the tool with ⁢a clean cloth or rinse it off with⁢ water to remove any debris.

Q: Can this​ drain clog remover tool ⁣be used for other ⁤purposes besides ⁣cleaning⁤ drains?
A: Yes,⁢ the AUSAYE Sink Snake can also be⁣ used‌ as a⁢ trash picker or to retrieve lost objects⁤ from‍ hard-to-reach places. It is a ⁢versatile tool that is handy to have around the house for a variety of tasks.

Q: Is this claw pick‌ up ‌tool durable‌ and long-lasting?
A: Yes, the AUSAYE Sink Snake is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel and heavy-duty ‍spring,​ making it durable and long-lasting. With proper care and maintenance, this tool can be used for ‌years⁤ to come.

Ignite Your Passion

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As we⁢ wrap up our ​review of the AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake, we⁢ can confidently ‌say ‍that this innovative claw pick up ⁣tool is a ⁢must-have for anyone dealing with‍ tough drain clogs and ​hard-to-reach places. With its extendable and retractable design, flexible spring loaded ‍cable, and retractable claws, this tool makes ⁣cleaning drains a breeze.

Whether you’re tackling a clogged ⁤sink, ‍bathtub,‍ or shower,⁤ this tool will ‌get the job done ‌quickly and​ efficiently. Say goodbye ⁣to frustrating blockages and hello⁢ to ⁤easy retrieval of lost ‌objects with ⁢the AUSAYE Sink‍ Snake.

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your plumbing tools ‌- grab your own AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake⁣ today‌ and experience the difference ‌for yourself. Click‌ here to purchase: Buy Now!

Happy cleaning!

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