Welcome, dear readers, to our latest product review! Today,‌ we⁤ are ‌excited to share our ‍experience with ⁣the MasterChinese DIY‌ Blank Couplet ⁣for‍ Chinese New Year Party⁤ Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper. This set comes with 10 packs, each containing sets for ⁣the left, right, and top​ sections of the couplets. Made from high-quality Xuan paper, these blank red rice papers are perfect for celebrating Chinese ⁣New Year with traditional calligraphy.​ Join us⁤ as we dive into the details ​of this ‍unique and beautiful product that allows you to add a⁣ personal touch ⁤to ‍your festive decorations.

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Our experience with the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper has ⁢been nothing short of amazing. The product comes in 10 sets, providing everything you need for 7 vertical characters. The high-quality‌ half-done rice paper is a blank canvas ‌waiting for your creativity to shine. Not only is the paper durable, but it also does‌ not discolor ⁢over time, ensuring your calligraphy ⁢will last for years to come.

We​ were impressed by the size of⁢ the paper, with ⁣dimensions of 17×104 cm for the ​left and right pieces, and 17×70‍ cm for the top piece. The DIY aspect adds a personal touch to your Chinese New Year decorations,‍ making it perfect for‍ parties or ⁣gatherings.⁣ Overall, we highly recommend this ⁣product for anyone looking to ‌elevate their ‍calligraphy skills‍ or add a special touch⁣ to their celebrations. Don’t⁤ miss out on ⁣this⁢ opportunity to create something​ truly unique!

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Unique Features and Aspects

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When it comes to , this DIY‌ blank couplet set really stands ​out. Not only does it come with 10 sets for the left, right, and top sections, but it‍ also⁤ provides ample space for 7 vertical characters on​ each piece. ‌The dimensions for the left and right pieces ⁤are 17×104 cm (6×41”), while the top ‌piece measures 17x70cm (6×27.6″). With the included high-quality Xuan paper, you can rest assured that your calligraphy‌ will be showcased beautifully on⁢ these ‍blank canvases.

What sets this product apart is‍ the DIY aspect it⁤ offers. Unlike pre-filled couplets, this set ‍requires you to write on the blank rice paper yourself, allowing for a truly personalized touch. The excellent quality ⁣of the half-done Xuan paper ensures that your calligraphy will be preserved for years to come without⁤ any discoloration.‌ So, if you’re looking to add a unique and ​creative touch to your Chinese New Year celebrations, ⁤this ‌DIY blank couplet set⁣ is the perfect choice ⁤for you.​ So, why wait? Get your hands ⁢on this set now and unleash ​your calligraphy skills!

Detailed Insights

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When it comes to ‌creating beautiful calligraphy‍ for special occasions,⁣ the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year Party is a must-have item. The set includes 10 sets of blank red rice paper, perfect for writing your own personalized couplets. The ‍quality of the paper ⁢is exceptional, ⁤made from half-done rice paper that has ⁤been used for thousands⁢ of years.

  • Includes: 10 ⁤sets for ⁢the left, right, and top
  • Dimensions: ‍Left, right: 17×104​ cm (6×41”),⁢ Top: 17x70cm (6×27.6”)
  • DIY ​Blank Version: Requires writing your ⁣own calligraphy
  • Doesn’t discolor over time

Features Specifications
Material Xuan Paper (Half done ⁣rice⁢ paper)
Size Left, right: 17×104 cm, Top: 17x70cm
Quantity 10 sets

Whether ​you’re hosting a Chinese New Year‍ party or just want to⁣ add an elegant ⁤touch to your home decor, this DIY couplet set is a versatile and high-quality option. The paper doesn’t discolor over time, ensuring that your calligraphy will look beautiful for years to come. Get ​your hands on this⁤ set and let your ⁤creativity flow!

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Specific Recommendations

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When it comes to creating beautiful and meaningful couplets for Chinese New Year, we‍ highly recommend⁤ the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet set. The quality of the⁢ red rice​ paper is exceptional, made of Xuan paper that has been renowned for its durability for​ thousands ‍of years. The paper doesn’t​ discolor over time, ensuring‌ that your couplets will remain ‌vibrant year ‍after ‌year.

With 10 ⁤sets included in the package, you’ll have more than enough‌ to ⁢create elegant couplets for your⁤ home or to give as‍ gifts to loved⁢ ones. The DIY blank version allows for⁤ customization and personalization, making each piece‍ unique‌ and special. Whether you’re a seasoned calligrapher or just ⁤starting out, this​ set provides‍ the perfect canvas to showcase your‍ artistic‌ talents ⁢during this festive season. Explore your creativity and⁣ bring good fortune ⁣into your home with these traditional Chinese ⁤New⁢ Year‍ decorations. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your ⁣celebrations with this exquisite couplet set! ‍ Check it⁣ out here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing the ⁢customer feedback for the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese⁣ New ⁤Year Party⁤ Calligraphy Chun Lian⁣ Red⁣ Rice Paper, we have‍ gathered some valuable insights to ⁢share with you:

Review Our Analysis
Big and thick​ enough.⁢ Comfortable to write. but I should order the smaller size. Anyway,recommend! The paper is of good quality, but consider ordering a‌ smaller size for better comfort during writing.
These papers ‌are⁣ beautiful! So beautiful, we decided not to use them for this year’s Chinese ⁣New Year’s calligraphy practice, and used cheaper⁤ red rice papers ‌instead. We ​will save ‍them for display use next‍ year, once we are more confident in our calligraphy skills. Customers were impressed by the beauty of the⁣ papers and chose to save them ⁢for⁣ display purposes due‍ to‍ their​ high quality.
We‍ bought⁤ several different types⁤ of couplet paper for Chinese New Year, these were ​the most difficult to write on. Calligraphy ink does not adhere well on it. Customers reported difficulties with writing on the paper,​ as the⁢ calligraphy ink did not adhere⁢ well to⁣ the surface.
The‌ paper⁣ handled ​ink well. seemed ‌it that was good quality sized Xuan. ‍the ⁣alignment of‌ pattern was perfect. But odor was a​ very strong solvent type smell. Can not recommend this ‌because ​of odor. Have fans running on it after doing New Years brushwork. Hope smell ‍dissapates. The paper is of good quality, but customers raised‍ concerns about ⁤a strong solvent odor, impacting their overall experience.
Used this ​in an elementary school class Chinese New Year party to make chun lian (spring⁢ couplets). The paper is‌ a good strength (thicker than tissue paper) and ⁣the calligraphy ink we‌ used didn’t⁤ leak through. Customers found the paper ​to​ be of good quality and suitable for ⁣use in ​educational‍ settings without ink leakage issues.
These are very good quality and‍ great for traditional Chinese calligraphy. We used them for Chinese New Year decorations. Customers⁣ praised the quality of⁣ the paper⁤ for traditional calligraphy and decorative purposes.
Nice product. Customers expressed ⁢satisfaction⁣ with the product without providing ⁢further details.
I don’t know what‌ kind of paper​ it is but‍ it seems like ‌sized Xuan paper.⁣ The color is a deep bright red, ‌as expected. The gold shows through⁣ when you ‌write​ on it, and the‍ circular patterns ​help you align characters. Most importantly, ⁤though, I’m glad this is ‍available‌ here on Amazon and Prime eligible.‍ I had ‌such‍ a ‌hard time ‌finding red paper like this.UPDATE‍ 2018/1/11:I ordered some more. Of three packages, two of them had very misaligned gold‌ printing. The third was also misaligned, but was ⁤at least presentable. I’ve attached a photo. The paper ​is appreciated for‌ its quality, color, and alignment patterns, but some customers noted issues with misaligned gold printing in certain⁤ packages.

Based on the reviews, it is evident that the MasterChinese ‍DIY Blank ‌Couplet for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian ‍Red Rice Paper is a popular choice for traditional Chinese ⁢calligraphy and decorative​ purposes, despite some ‌challenges such as⁢ ink ‌adherence⁢ and strong odors. We recommend considering these factors before ⁤making​ a purchase ​decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros ​& Cons


  • High quality red rice⁣ paper
  • DIY blank⁤ version allows for personalized touch
  • Includes ‌10 sets for a great value
  • Doesn’t discolor over⁤ time


  • May be difficult to find the right⁣ calligraphy⁣ tools for beginners
  • Not ⁤pre-written, so some creativity is required
  • Size may be too large for smaller spaces


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Q: Are these ‍blank couplets suitable ‌for ‌beginners ‍to Chinese ​calligraphy?

A: Yes, these DIY blank couplets⁤ are perfect‍ for beginners! The high-quality‍ rice paper is easy to ⁤write on and won’t discolor, making it ⁤ideal for practicing your⁢ calligraphy skills.

Q:‌ How many sets are included in this product?

A: You ⁢will receive 10 sets of blank couplets in this ⁤package, providing ​you with plenty‍ of materials⁤ to create ⁤beautiful Chinese New Year decorations.

Q: ⁤Can you provide some tips for writing on ⁤these blank couplets?

A:‍ Of⁣ course!​ Make sure ⁣to‍ use a brush with good quality ink to ensure⁤ clean and smooth strokes. Take your time and practice on a ⁢separate piece of‍ paper before committing‍ to writing on the couplet itself.

Q: What is the size of these red rice paper sets?

A: ⁢The left and right pieces are 17×104 cm (6×41″), while the top piece is 17×70⁤ cm‌ (6×27.6″). The size comparison with a CD ⁣shown in the photo gives you a⁤ better idea‍ of the dimensions.

Q: How durable is the rice ‌paper used for these couplets?

A:‍ The rice⁤ paper⁢ used is of ⁣excellent ⁢quality, known as Xuan paper with a history of 10,000 ⁢years. This paper is durable​ and won’t easily tear or discolor over time.⁢

Experience the Difference

To ⁤wrap‌ up our Chinese New Year DIY ⁢Couplet: Red Rice Paper Sets​ review, we have to say that we were truly impressed with the quality and authenticity ‍of these blank couplets. The Xuan paper is of​ excellent quality and doesn’t discolor, ​making it perfect for calligraphy enthusiasts ‌to write on. With 10⁣ sets included for the left, right, and top, ‍you’ll ‌have more than enough to decorate your space for the festivities.

If you’re looking to add a traditional touch to ​your Chinese New Year celebrations, we highly recommend checking out ‍this DIY blank couplet set. Get your hands on these Red Rice Paper Sets ‍now ⁣and let your creativity flow!

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