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I have created forums for everyone to use, visit them here: and add your thoughts to the discussion. If you know others who are followers or friends of Peter, tell them about the new forums too.



A poem by Samantha Brickell

By Samantha Brickell

Peter Oakley
Friend to us all
Left the stage-play of life
In the last curtain call

Videos on growing up in WWII
Life in the forces
The Zimmers Band
And many other aspects of you

Thank you for sharing your life with us
A star in your own right
The Internet Granddad
Mr Peter Oakley

The Future of

At this point, I’m pondering what to do about this website. It’s difficult to know how many people still visit it and how relevant it remains. I don’t want to take it down as it serves as a tribute to my best friend, but by the same token it seems pointless to keep it up if nobody wishes to visit it. With that in mind I’m looking for suggestions from any of you who view the site. What do you think is the best thing to do with the website? Install forums to discuss things that are relevant to Peter’s life, such as his advocacy of teaching elders to use technology (my personal feeling is this is a good idea if there are enough willing participants). Leave it up as it is as a tribute for as long as is feasible or, take the site down quietly within the next few months? Or do you have a better idea you would like to share. I’m open to your thoughts and suggestions, please email me at




I will be posting selected tribute videos about Peter in the next few (I don’t know how many) posts on, if you have a video you would like posted here, contact me at and send me the link to your video.

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Please submit your tribute videos or thoughts about Peter.


Peter passed away this morning at 9:30, he was in no pain. I’ll miss my friend and I’m sure many of you will too. I have no words right now, I just got the news

. peter

Peter’s condition

Hello friends of Peter,

As you may know Peter posted his final video last week on YouTube, many of us hoped this was an error or that he misspoke but it seems this will be his final video. Peter has just been transferred to a nursing care facility, he has cancer which is apparently too far advanced for treatment and he is not expected to pull through. Please say prayers and or send positive energy to him and keep him in your thoughts, if I get more information I will update you here.

[UPDATE 3, March 2014]

For those who would like to send cards and letters, I have Peter’s address at the nursing home, please send an email to me for this as I do not feel comfortable posting it in the public. You need to EMAIL me from a legitimate address where I can contact you and please, let me know how you know Peter so I don’t get requests from spammers and troublemakers.



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